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Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is a great plataform to develop games. It has got nice input devices, a great 2D hardware and a quite good 3D hardware (which I specially like). I have made some games to this console, you can see them in this page. If you want to try them with an emulator in your PC, please use NO$GBA or iDeaS, I haven't tested them with others. Anyway, it's better to test them in a real DS.

Pong 3DS (Finished)

Tetris 3DS (Almost finished)

Blobb DS (In progress)

3D Demos (Not a game, just a few 3D demos)

Nitro Engine (3D Engine for NDS)

RTT example (Render To Texture example)

Space Adventure (Finished)


Other programs

-Memory manager

Well... This is not only coded for DS. In fact, every C compiler could compile it for any device. This is just a memory manager like malloc(), but you can set the range of memory it will use, and it has some useful functions to realloc data to the start of memory range provided (like defragmenting). Nitro Engine uses it to handle the VRAM.

Download version 1.0

-Videogames Collection

I did this game when I was learning C. It's a pack of 5 simple games coded using only PAlib.

Download version 0.9

-Display List Fixer

It's an application for PC to remove all color/normal commands from a display list. I needed it to fix my models converted using PadrinatoR's NDS Mesh Converter. Source code is included.

Download version 0.2